Welcome to Most Adorable Kid

Welcome to Most Adorable Kid, a contest for children ages newborn to 10 years old, organized by the creators of the Russian festival Matryoshka. Most Adorable Kid allows parents to share pictures of their beautiful children with the rest of the world and in the process win many prizes and awards.

It's also a great way to start your child's modeling and acting portfolio. We've partnered up with numerous agencies to make sure that your child's pictures are seen by the right people and get the attention and exposure your child deserves.

Joining Most Adorable Kid is a simple and easy process. All we need is your child's full name, date of birth and 6 pictures. Contest admission is only $30 (CAN).

Upon receiving your payment, your child's new portfolio will appear on the site and people will be able to start voting for him or her. The final candidates will be selected by a public vote and our professional judges. Finally, the winners will be announced during Matryoshka at park Wonderland.

There's more: We'll also be holding regular contests with free admission!

We've found that having high quality images is the best way to get noticed. This is especially true for Most Adorable Kid.

While selecting candidates, the 6 images you provide us with will be the only way for the public and judges to rate your child. Therefore, professional images are highly recommended.

To facilitate this, professional photographer Vladimir Kevorkov will be offering a special deal to Most Adorable Kid participants. You can contact Mr. Kevorkov by visiting his website: photoprom.com

This year, we are trying a few new things. Including two new special monthly contests: My Gramma & I and Most Adorable Kid of the Month. To participate in My Gramma & I contest all you have to do is submit a few candid pictures of your child and his/hers gramma. The most original entry wins!

Each month our judges will also select one lucky winner to become Most Adorable Kid of the Month and the official child of our website! This will be your golden opportunity to show the whole community (and world) your little darling!

We'll also be holding regular interviews with participants and put up child and parenting resources to bring our young community even close! Let us know what you think we should cover and offer on our site, our contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Is that it? Our sponsors Wellington Jewellers, S.P. Marble, Elvira Berchadskaia, Natalia's Art School, Aida Magic Centre, Irina International Tours, Ethnic Channels Group (RTVi, RTVi+, Inter+), Alisa's Jewelry Box, and others. were kind enough to prepare numerous special prizes for their favorites. What are their prizes? You'll just have to attend Matryoshka on August 20th to find out! You won't be disappointed!

Keep visiting our website, we're in the process of taking video interviews with the winners and will put them up shortly!


Meet this year's kids

View Most Adorable Kid 2005 kids

Judges of Most Adorable Kid 2006

Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3
Pavel Samarski
S.P. Marble
Alexandr Naimoushin
Marketing & PR Director
Mark Shabot
Senior Hairstylist
Fiorio Bayview


Category: 0-5 Years Category: 5-10 Years
1st Place
Daniel Gililov
ew Daniel Gililov
$100 cheque from Matryoshka LTD.
1st Place
Sasha Latchaev
View Sasha Latchaev
$100 cheque from Matryoshka LTD.
2nd Place
Anastasia Zaitsev
View Anastasia Zaitsev
Gift from Elvira Berchadskaia
2nd Place
Nicole Gililov
View Nicole Gililov
Gift from Maestro Music Studio
($150 value)

3rd Place
Yuri McNeil
View Yuri McNeil
Gift from Natalia's Art School
3rd Place
Julia Plechko
View Julia Plechko
Gift from Wellington Jewellers
($100 value)

Internet Kid
Alissa Palkina
View Alissa Palkina
Free TV and Web coverage
Watch video
(part of Miss RTVI Canada show)

Internet Kid
Nicole Gurevich
View Nicole Gurevich
Free TV and Web coverage
Watch video
(part of Miss RTVI Canada show)

Special Prizes:

Edward Tymofyev
View Edward Tymofyev
$50 Cheque from Matryoshka LTD. for participating in the contest for the 2nd time

Eric Kozy
View Eric Kozy
Special prize from Wellington Jewellers
($100 value)
Julia Palkina
View Julia Palkina
Public Sympathy prize from Elvira Berchadskaia
All kids also received prizes from Western Union, Natalia's Art School
and Honey for My Honey.
View Most Adorable Kid 2006 photos

Judges' choice kids also receive interview and internet coverage by default. Watch video (part of Miss RTVI Canada show episode #7)

Sponsor S.P. Marble Sponsor Wellington Jewellers Sponsor Elvira Berchadskaia Sponsor Natalia's Art School Sponsor Maestro Music Studio Sponsor Western Union
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